Enrico Panza

Sales and business development manager

Who I am

25+ years experienced BtoB sales, marketing and client relationship manager.
Industrial products and services, software, says, supporting startups as well as international corporates.
I developed and implemented sales strategies in a broad range of business fields, managing projects with budgets up to millions-EUR value.

Years of experience

Enrico Panza b2b sales manager

Sales Manager

Enrico Panza startup to corporates

Startup to Intl. Corporates

Experienced in selling Industrial products and Services:

Enrico Panza industrial electronics

Industrial Electronics

Enrico Panza electro-mechanics


Enrico Panza startup to corporates

Business Consultancy

Enrico Panza industrial textile/chemicals

Industrial textile/chemicals

Enrico Panza intellectual property skills

Intellectual Property services

Intellectual Property software (SaaS)

Enrico Panza negotiation experience

Negotiation experience: from BU specialists to C-level management

What I do today

Since 2012 I’m focusing on Intellectual Property-related services and IP management software in Europe. (Detail: Patent, Design, Trademark renewal services, IP prosecution support services, IP analytics, Anti-Counterfeiting solutions, IP Screening services, IP Information services and platforms, Investigation services, Brand protection services).

My value: bring a pragmatic and efficient approach to IP administration solutions choice, both on service provider and user side. Optimise investments and win a quick return from sales strategies.

Why you should trust me

25+ years in building opportunities in highly diversified business environments helped me to develop a wide, flexible, and independent approach to sales management.

If you are a supplier: let’s talk about the most realistic and efficient sales strategy.
If you are a user: let’s find your crucial efficiency point and screen the market.
I will be happy to share directly with you my best practices and client’s recommendations.

Now let’s talk about my passions.

Enrico Panza fotografia


A passion since when I was a young boy and got my first camera.

As digital has become so easy today, anytime I can I grab a glorious, heavy, vibrant Hasselblad or my very first indestructible Rolleiflex SL350.

Motorbikes, better if Moto Guzzi

I got my first motorbike when I was 14. Never stopped since then.

Looking at Moto Guzzi history, it represents  many things to me:
pioneering, innovation, speed, efficiency, heritage.

Sport, nature, MTB, hiking


Means nature, gardens and Alps: being married to a Landscape Architect I discovered the magic of nature and gardens (and shooting them of course). Living one hour drive from the Alps calls for long biking or hiking trails up there.